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The best Guide on What you need to wear for a Dubai Dune Buggy Tours Ride

Introduction to Dune Buggy Dubai Rides Tour

best Dune buggy ride in Dubai
Dune Buggy Dubai Tours 

Dune Buggy Dubai Ride Tour Prepare for your first Dubai desert safari: Balancing cultural sensitivity with practicality. Got your Dubai tour tickets booked? Get ready for your first Dubai desert experience and realize you don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry, you are not alone, don’t worry!

It can be challenging to dress for Dubai; on the one hand, the general dress code advice is always to dress modestly since you’re in a Muslim country.

Visiting Dubai is not complete without trying a desert safari. Our discussion will cover what you can expect on a desert safari, why you should dress appropriately, and what you should expect. It’s essential to take all this advice with a grain of salt and do what feels suitable for you and your situation. Fashion should come after modesty and cultural sensitivity.

How should I dress in the Buggy Dubai Desert?

·       Weather-appropriate clothing

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The temperature changes even if you are only a short distance from the skyscrapers. Once you’re away from the city in winter, the temperature can drop by as much as 10 degrees Celsius. For a nighttime desert safari in Dubai, you will need long jeans and a jacket, even if you are in a swimsuit during the day.

No rain is expected, or a thicker down coat is needed, so a light, long sleeve top should do. In contrast, summer is scorching. Hot can be challenging to describe to someone who has never experienced it.

Consider materials such as cotton, linen, and rayon that are breathable and work well with sweating. No matter what you wear, you will sweat through it even if you do not usually sweat a lot.

·       Dubai Desert Activities: Dressing for the Desert 1280x720 image (1)

Enjoy various activities during your desert safari, from sedate to adrenaline-pumping! Imagine scenarios such as:

  • Sandboarding

There is no doubt that hitting the dunes is thrilling, but it also comes with a lot of sand. When you become a crash victim, think of the sand falling to the ground if you don’t wear proper closed-toe footwear. In preference to skirts or shorts, trousers are recommended.

  • Dune Bashing

Upon picking you up from the city, the 4×4 that brings you to the camp will choose the rugged dune entry as a way to impress. It’s recommended, especially for ladies, that you’re well supported as you’ll be thrown around in the car. It is not recommended for those under 5’s, pregnant women, and those with back, heart, or condition problems.

  • Quad Biking/Fat Tire Bikes

Desert sports are usually optional extras. Some camps may have strict rules prohibiting open-toed footwear from being worn. Long hair should be tied back with something, and you should wear sportswear. It’s not practical to wear a short skirt when straddling something.

  • Camel Riding

It would help to think practically about how you will get a buggy ride near me for my first desert experience. Camel riding isn’t the most elegant activity, so wear shorts and trousers instead of skirts, and be sure to hang onto any lost items.

  • BBQ Dinner & Entertainment

At the end of your evening camp, you’ll likely sit down to a meal on rugs on the floor. The evening may be finished with some light dancing after you figure out how you will comfortably sit on the ground. A fresh shirt and antiperspirant might be helpful if you’ve participated in a desert sport beforehand.

Taking cultural sensitivity into account when dressing

Visiting the UAE requires cultural sensitivity, but tourists should also dress according to the weather. When preparing for a trip to Dubai dune buggy experience, it is essential to strike a balance between being culturally sensitive and practical. According to the Dubai dress code, there is no requirement for women to cover up at all times. The wearing of shorts is also not prohibited. Men and women should look to cover their shoulders and knees as a general rule of thumb, though there’s some flexibility in this.

What to wear for Dubai Desert Safari?

The bottom line is that what you wear should be comfortable. Our top tips are more like a packing list than a packing list.

  • Ladies should avoid wearing short skirts since they are not very practical, and meals are often eaten on the floor.
  • Keeping your clothes loose and made of natural fibers will help you cope with the heat and sand. Materials that work well in heat include cotton, linen, and rayon.
  • Clothing that is loose and easy to move in is more effective in the summer than tight clothing. We recommend covering your bottom with a shirt whenever you wear jeans or leggings in winter.
    • If you wear shorts above your knees, they are acceptable, but avoid your short shorts with your bottom visible; at least keep your shorts mid-thigh in length.
    • In some situations, it may be okay to wear a sleeveless shirt or tank top, but you should definitely not wear overtly tight or clingy clothes that provide no room for imagination.
    • Dune buggy Dubai desert Sports and dune bashing may require a sports bra or something more structured for women.
    • For activities such as sandboarding and desert motorsports, take closed-toe trainers and flip-flops around the desert camp.
    • Especially while quad biking and camel riding, you will need something to wrap around your head and face to protect you from the dust and sand.
    • The most incredible winter months require a sweater or cardigan for Dubai buggy tours.

What else should you pack for a Dubai desert safari besides clothes

Food and water will likely be taken care of by your Dubai sand buggy tours, but we recommend you also fill:

  • When traveling with children, ensure you have tissue and wet wipes.
  • The use of sanitizer before and after eating camels.
  • It’s essential to carry antiperspirant wipes, hankies, or sweat towels in the summer.
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat during the daytime.
  • It may be helpful to coat everyone’s legs with talc or beach powder before you go to reduce some of the sand.
  • Don’t forget a spare battery pack for your phone/camera. You’ll be taking lots of photos.
  • Please bring extra cash if you will be participating in add-on activities not included in your general tour, for example, quad bikes and desert buggies.
  • You’re almost certain to lose a favorite watch or earring in the sand if you leave them in the hotel safe.
  • All this gear needs to be kept in a sand-proof bag

What is a Dune Buggy?

The dune buggy is a vehicle designed for off-road use, with a robust frame and large, wide tires specifically made for traversing sandy terrain. Unlike traditional 4×4 vehicles, dune buggies offer a more open and immersive desert experience.

Why Choose a Dune Buggy Tour in Dubai?

Opting for a dune buggy tour of Dubai means embracing the thrill of racing over sand dunes, experiencing the desert’s vastness, and enjoying a unique adventure that combines speed and scenery in a memorable way.

In preparation for your Dune Buggy Adventure, it’s

It’s essential to dress appropriately for a dune buggy ride, wearing comfortable clothing and closed-out shoes. Safety gear, including helmets and goggles, is typically provided by tour operators.

Choose the Right Dune Buggy Tour

Various tours are available, ranging from beginner-friendly to challenging experiences. Consider the tour’s duration, the difficulty level, and whether it’s a private or group tour when making your choice.

The Thrill of a Ride

Riding a dune buggy is an exhilarating experience. The vehicle’s agility allows you to navigate through challenging terrain, from steep dunes to rugged trails, offering an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Safety Measures and Instructions

Safety is paramount. Tour operators provide safety briefings and ensure that all participants are equipped with necessary safety gear. They were also instructed on handling the buggy and dealing with potential emergencies.

Best Time to Go on a Dune Buggy Tour The best time for a dune buggy tour in Dubai is during the cooler months, from October to April. Early morning or late afternoon tours are ideal to avoid the midday heat.

Cost and Inclusions of the Tour The cost of dune buggy tours varies, typically including guides, safety equipment, and sometimes refreshments. Always check what’s included in your chosen tour package.

Photography and Videography Tips The desert offers a stunning backdrop for photos and videos. Remember to protect your camera from the sand and aim for the golden hours at sunrise or sunset for the best lighting.

Additional Activities and Attractions Many tours offer additional activities like camel rides or visits to a Bedouin camp. You can also explore other attractions in Dubai after your tour.

Feedback from Previous Tourists Previous tourists often praise the unique experience and adrenaline rush. Check reviews and ratings to choose a reputable tour operator.

How to Book a Dune Buggy Tour Booking a tour can be done online or through your hotel. Look for special offers and discounts to get the best deal.

Environmental Considerations Responsible tour operators prioritize the preservation of the desert ecosystem. Ensure that your tour is conducted in an environmentally friendly manner.

Conclusion: A dune buggy tour of Dubai offers an unforgettable adventure, blending speed, scenery, and the thrill of the desert. It’s a must-try experience for adventure seekers visiting Dubai.

Closing Remarks

Keep your valuables out of the Desert. They could get lost in the sand while sanding buggy Dubai. If you must wear accessories in the Desert, wear simple, inexpensive ones. It’s a fantastic trip that many people only dream of taking. Enjoy dune racing Dubai to the maximum by being comfortable.

Dressing is a skill for a desert safari in Dubai’s sand buggy. Make sure you’ve got the proper attire. Suitable safari clothing should be neutral, breathable, and durable against heat and dust. People assume the Desert is always hot, but it can be cold. It’s hot in the desert in the afternoons.


  1. Do I need any driving experience to go on a dune buggy tour?
    • No, most tours cater to all skill levels, including beginners.
  2. Is it safe for children to join a dune buggy tour?
    • Safety guidelines vary; check with the tour operator for age restrictions.
  3. Can I take a dune buggy tour during the summer?
    • Yes, but it’s advisable to choose early morning or evening tours due to the heat.
  4. Are there any health restrictions for participating in a dune buggy tour?
    • Yes, individuals with certain medical conditions may be advised against participating. Always check with the tour operator.
  5. How long do dune buggy tours typically last?
    • Tours can range from an hour to a full day, depending on the package.

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