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Thank you for showing your interest in Desertbuggys.com. We love to help you choose the best UAE tour packages. We modify these terms and conditions at any time. If these terms and conditions are changed, we will notify you or display the updated terms and conditions on our website. If you continue to use our official website after the modifications are shown, you will be considered to accept any changes. If you do not get all of them, you cannot enjoy our tours and high-quality services. Please check these terms and conditions before choosing our times.

Clients’ General Notes

  • Travelers are advised that it is illegal to photograph military and other government installations. Always inquire about local customs before photographing Arabs, and do not photograph Arab women.
  • The purchase of all services and products listed on this website is subject to the terms of the agreement set below.

Circumstances Beyond Our Control

Our Company reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without notice or liability. You are responsible for checking these Terms and Conditions on a routine basis. Following any such changes, your continued use of the Company will constitute your acceptance of such changes. We cannot pay any compensation, reimburse expenses, recover any monetary damages, or otherwise accept responsibility for changing your tour after you have booked us if circumstances are beyond our control, we cannot deliver your time as we agreed, or you suffer any loss or damage of any description. When we refer to circumstances beyond our control, we mean any event that we could not have foreseen or avoided even after taking reasonable care. Such cases will generally include but are not limited to war, the threat of war, airport closures, epidemics, natural or nuclear disasters, terrorist activities, civil unrest, industrial disputes, and inclement weather.


Our ultimate strategy will ensure your cash estimate in addition to bookings using the Site. Except as otherwise generally stated, costs will be charged by us on an individual basis, excluding tips given to visiting drivers. The prices shown are subject to change without notice, especially if there are unforeseen circumstances, such as accommodation prices, petrol increases, or transport costs.

Payment Methods

  • Online Payment via Bank Transfer
  • Payment via Cash upon pickup

Where Credit Cards, Debit Cards/Master Cards, and visas can all be accepted for payment at AED. We will not assist OFAC, exchanges, and sanctioned countries. A Client who is a minor/under 18 years of age and makes a VIA Site booking shall not register as a Site Client and shall not operate or use the Site. Cardholders should keep copies of exchange records, merchant policies, and rules. The site Client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of its forms.

Tour Confirmation Via Email

After the booking is completed, you will receive confirmation via email and all the details and information regarding the tour.

Food and Vehicles

Some of our tours include meals, soft drinks, and mineral water unless otherwise stated, while half-day sightseeing tours do not include meals. Refer to the description for details. Our vehicles used for safari are usually Land Cruisers, equipped with safety belts and air conditioning and licensed to carry seven passengers, excluding the driver. By law, tour passengers must wear seat belts while the car is in motion. We emphasize fresh food wherever possible, and our meals are varied and delicious. We cater to vegetarian and vegan diets – please advise when booking tours with Desertbuggys.com and Desert Safari Dubai.

No-Show Policy & Cancellation

  • No-Show Policy

On the odd occasion that you overlook a visit, no limit can be given in part or whole. A similar condition applies under Visit, Unused Safari, and Dhow Venture. Likewise, reframing thinking about confirmed visits.

  • Cancellation

In case of any cancellation, our company conditions may apply: If the visit is dropped/changed 48 hours before the date of the stay, there will be no cancellation charges.

In case of a drop/change of visit within 24 to 48 hours before the event/tour date, half undoing charges will be applicable.

If the trip is canceled/changed 24 hours before the event date, 100% cancellation charges will apply.

●     Refunds

Desert Safari Dubai is committed to offering a convenient means of payment. Cashback will consist of a refund for credit. The amount charged, minus the cancellation fee (if applicable), will be credited directly to your credit card. It will take 15 to 45 business days for funds to appear in your account after refund orders are placed with our merchant bank.

  • Cancellation Methods

Proceed to drop, and we encourage you to carefully use the guidelines that apply to your visit bundle. To leave your concerns, guarantee that you pay attention to us. Regarding bearing your cancellation interest, we will inform you by telephone or email about the booking crossover and the charges to be charged. We cannot consider any drop price that is not received by you or declared by us.


Organizations and routes are set in your bundle and are minded to change street course design, account close/ambient conditions, and some viewpoints. If this happens, we may give reasonable options of relevant quality, whatever that may be, subject to availability. However, we do announce changes to the plan. In addition, no compensation can be assumed on record for wire majors, for example, earthquakes and floods.

Travel Insurance

We will not charge for any damages resulting from loss, illness, accident, or loss of specific items, or even cancellation of a tour. It is recommended that the explorer must travel with a safety strategy to control the sudden occurrence of these things.

Tour Documents Passport, Health, & Visas

Each visitor must ensure that the person carries essential archives, including the identity or original identity cards, for a particular visit. In particular (but without limitation), each customer must confirm that he/she has the proper documentation for his/her travel if he/she has purchased tours, packages, or transfers, including flights other than the country of departure. Booked tours to another country. He must possess a passport (with a visa if necessary) or a valid identity card. No refund will be made in case of missing or lost identity documents. This is especially basic for visitors from another country. No mark-down shall be intelligible in case of difficulty or absence of these proper records. Likewise, tourists – independent of their identity – are urged to contact their country office for information on entry requirements before planning to visit. Ask your specialist about current visa and prosperity requirements, as they are prone to change without prior notice.

Law Governing

The laws of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, shall govern the terms and conditions. If any part of these Terms and Conditions is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by applicable law, the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that shall carry the intent and remainder of the original provision. Corresponds closely to Terms and conditions will remain in effect. Any booking made with Desertbuggys.com will be governed by and subject to the Terms and Conditions. Unless made in writing by the authority of Desert Safari Dubai, no modification of these terms and conditions shall have any effect.

Website Usage Restrictions

All contents of this website belong entirely to Desertbuggys.com. Where logos, images, provided tour packages and deals, and essential policies. You agree not to misuse this Site or use its contents for illegal, personal, or commercial purposes.

Your Responsibility

We want all our customers to have a fun, carefree vacation. But it helps if you remember that you are responsible for your actions and their impact on others. Assume that we, or any other authority, believe that your actions may annoy, disturb or annoy other users or our staff, put them in danger, or cause property damage. Or you are not able to travel. In this event, we may terminate your visit and terminate your contract. You and your travel party will be prevented from using your booked accommodation, transport, and any other travel arrangements that are part of your booking. We will not be responsible for any refunds, reimbursements, or any other costs you may incur. Alternatively, you may be allowed to continue your tour at our discretion, subject to additional vehicle conditions. The Company restricts smoking inside our tour cars. UAE law prohibits the possession of alcohol inside all tourist vehicles, and guests carrying alcohol will be required to return to their pickup point. They will not be reimbursed for their expenses and tour.

In addition to the above and the effect your actions may have on others, you should also be particularly mindful that you are responsible for your safety and the condition of your property. We are not responsible for any accidents in or around irresponsible behavior.

We hope you enjoy your time with us.

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