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We offer the most memorable dune buggy Dubai tour imaginable to everyone. In a powerful 1-seater Polaris or Can-Am X3 dune buggy, there is simply no better way to tour the gorgeous Arabian desert. These buggies have 4-wheel drive and automatic gears, making them extremely simple to handle. All of our tours include free pick-up and drop-off. And your safety is our top priority at Big Red. As a result, we will provide all necessary safety equipment and will only conduct guided trips.


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Yamaha 350 CC

150 AED / Single PersonDuration: 30 Mins

350CC Quad Bike

350 AED 599 / Single PersonDuration: 1 Hour

Polaris 1000 CC RZR XP

900 AED 999 / 2 PersonDuration: 1 HOUR

Can-Am Maverick X3

1400 AED 1599 / 2 PersonDuration: 1 Hour


500 AED 699 / 1 PersonDuration: 3 Hour

Desert Safari & Quad Bike Deal

275 AED 399 / 1 PersonDuration: 7 Hour

Raptor 700CC ( YAMAHA )

700 AED 899 / 1 PersonDuration: 1 Hour

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Grab the best offer available today before it is gone. 

350CC Quad Bike

150 AED / Single Person Duration: 30 Mins

299 AED 150 AED



Do you want to go on the best dune buggy Dubai tour? Desert Buggys, the UAE’s top dune buggy adventure tour operator, now offers you the opportunity to explore the untamed beauty of the Arabian desert. As you strap yourself into our high-performance Polaris and Can-Am X3 Turbo buggies, prepare for an unforgettable adventure. Our guided tours will take you across the dunes in a variety of buggies, all of which have the remarkable horsepower. Our knowledgeable tour guides will offer you all of the necessary information to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. Our dune buggies are meticulously maintained and equipped with sophisticated safety systems as well as standard equipment such as four-point race harnesses, doors, and a full roll cage.

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There’s nothing better than an endless sea of sand for nature lovers. Dubai’s golden deserts attract adrenaline junkies from all over the world, with adventure just around the corner on each dune. For thrill-seekers, various exciting, fascinating, and favorable places are available in Desert Safari Dubai. There are so many thrilling activities in Dubai that you can take part in during your Dubai Tour that you must include them in your itinerary. Some of them include Sandboarding, Dune bashing, Dune buggy tours, Quad biking. A Dubai tour package from Desert Buggys will offer you the opportunity to experience all these adventures in Dubai in a customized tour package. You can choose the activities you wish to experience, and your holiday trip will be taken to a new level of excitement and fun. read more…

There is nothing better than a desert safari in Dubai to keep you entertained. Therefore, to make the most of your epic adventure in Dubai’s deserts, you should be aware of the desert safaris and have a thorough understanding of the prerequisites for the trip to get the most out of your adventure in Dubai’s deserts.

  • Be sure to keep your body hydrated at all times. Take enough cash along the way in case you need more water along the way.
  • Do not wear any jewelry or valuables as the sand could swallow them if they are brought or worn.
  • There is a possibility that things may get rough when you are dune bashing. You may want to avoid eating or drinking heavily before the experience if you’re pregnant or have a severe health condition.
  • It is of the utmost importance that you ensure the desert safari tour you choose is appropriate for your budget, travel style, and interests. You should let go, let loose, and enjoy the beauty of the Arabian desert in its entirety.

Desert safari trips in Dubai are most exciting when it comes to Quad Biking. One of the most exciting and thrilling experiences is riding heavy 4×4 quad bikes on the desert sand. It is one of the most acclaimed and preferred activities during the morning desert safari. There is no safer ride you can do during your trip than this one.
It’s great to ride a quad bike because you can enjoy the fun of riding a bike while riding on four wheels. There is no need to search for a location where you can try quad biking in Dubai, as there is no need to do. You can experience an adrenaline rush in the boundless deserts like no other. Quad bikes are ideal for driving in this environment. The quad bike allows you to drive smoothly over the dunes in the desert. No other adventure rivals it in Dubai’s deserts, and it is the most popular one.

There is no doubt that all of us are familiar with the desert safari Dubai and its amazing activities. You can participate in many different activities while on holiday, and riding a dune buggy is one of them. Riding in a dune buggy while you explore the sand dunes of the desert is quite popular. There are, however, some essential safety tips that should be followed to avoid accidents and injuries. You should keep a few things in mind when taking a dune buggy tour. Here are some tips you should keep in mind.

  • Make sure you wear your seat belt
  • Make sure you dress appropriately
  • Take a moment to listen to the safety briefing
  • You shouldn’t stand up
  • Make sure you don’t take risks
  • Drinking and driving is not a good idea
  • Make sure you wear a helmet

Desert exploration is on most people’s bucket lists and is something they want to see and experience in their lifetime. There are few things more exciting and adventurous than exploring a desert, and everyone should do it at least once. The dune buggy safari is the most popular activity that attracts people to a desert safari in Dubai. This is the most adventurous activity attracting people to a desert safari in Dubai.

Not only can you participate in some of the most adventurous activities available, but if you are taking part in the desert safari Dubai, you will also have the opportunity to experience some of the most exciting and electrifying entertainment throughout your trip. Some trilling and fun-filling activities are a Desert safari drive, Dune buddy ride, Quad Biking, dune bashing, BBQ, camel ride, belly dance performance, and many other things that make your Dubai desert safari a most memorable and adventure experience.


We provide all necessary gear you will need for all our tours.Our staff are all trained First Aiders.All our machines are customized for desert touring.Mechanics and recovery team are always on standby for the rare instance that a breakdown may occur.Safety and operation briefing before each tour.

We advise to wear casual sportswear on our buggy tours.For buggy tours you will be provided with: helmet, gloves.We provide refreshments on all our tours including water and soft drinks.Snacks can be arranged at extra cost of AED 50. Please mention this at the time of booking.GoPro cameras can be arranged at extra cost of AED 150. Please mention this at the time of booking.

We advise to wear casual sportswear on our buggy tours.For buggy tours you will be provided with: helmet, gloves.We provide refreshments on all our tours including water and soft drinks.Snacks can be arranged at extra cost of AED 50. Please mention this at the time of booking.GoPro cameras can be arranged at extra cost of AED 150. Please mention this at the time of booking.

We are offering you the unique opportunity to discover the Dubai desert with the help of our experienced tour guides, who are knowledgeable and experienced in this area. Due to our buggies being equipped with leading safety features, you will be able to spend more time enjoying your desert sand dunes instead of constantly having to watch your back.No other environment offers you the same enjoyment and exploration that our dune buggy tours provide. With the incredible beauty and majesty of the Dubai desert all around you, you will enjoy a truly unforgettable experience. We, at Desert Buggys, guide you in all aspects of Safety so that you can enjoy their adventure.

  1. Safety Gear 

 Safety gear is the most important thing you can wear while riding in a dune buggy on a desert safari. So, if the dune buggy crashes or overturns, there will be a lower risk of serious injury. We will make sure all the safety gear and equipment you need will be provided to you when you join us on one of our tours.

  1. Well Trained & Well Experienced Staff 

We are a team of dedicated, talented, and experienced professionals belonging to different ethnicities with years of combined experience in organizing team-building activities and events.In Dubai, our dune buggy Dubai tour is staffed by highly skilled professionals who are friendly, responsible, and all are trained First Aiders. There are always our mechanics and a recovery team on hand to respond to any emergency.During your tour, you can be sure that our team will monitor and make sure your Safety is paramount and make your time a memorable experience.

  1. Customized Machinery 

Our vehicles are designed specifically for desert tours because they have the most powerful engines. As a result, you will have too much fun all day, and the heavy-duty suspension won’t go out with a whimper.We have custom seats, radius windshields, a billet aluminum chassis harness, nickel aircraft hardware, and many billet aluminum parts, which make our vehicles look like monsters compared to dune buggy competitors.

  1. Safety Guidance for the Tour of Dune Buggy Dubai

Must give Safety and operation briefing before each tour.

  • Use Your Headlights

There is a certain thrill in roaring over the open ground without headlights at night, but the risks are very high. The dune buggy has no warning of danger, and it can easily overturn if it finds a hole or a hill. It will also prevent you from accidentally hitting other vehicles or pedestrians if you turn on your lights.

  • Use a Large Area

Your dune buggy will be more enjoyable if you have a more extensive area. Getting permission to drive in an open space without obstacles such as trees or fences is necessary if you want to drive there. An obstacle-free ride has a lower chance of crashing or causing injury. It would also help avoid arid areas since this will produce dust that may obscure your vision.

  • The Weather

To ensure dune buggy safety, the weather can be an essential factor. In the case of rain, snow, and ice, various problems can occur. Getting stuck or slipping and sliding on a dune buggy can be extremely dangerous, especially if you’re on a hill as the buggy can tip over.

  • Be Careful

You must be aware of essential safety features while driving a buggy to ensure that your adventures are as safe and enjoyable as possible. The dunes present in the desert environment can reduce your visibility and make the buggy’s maneuverability more challenging. If you follow our basic safety guidelines, you will be able to minimize any potential risks of accidents.USEFUL INFORMATION“The Incredible Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure! ”Are you interested in Dune Buggy in Dubai? Dunes’ buggy adventures in the Arabian desert are exciting, innovative, and breathtaking. We offer a variety of tours for friends and family to enjoy in Dubai’s challenging and beautiful terrain. If you rent a Dune Buggy from us, you will be able to explore the red sands of the desert of Dubai like a true pro. For our buggy tours, wear casual sportswear. Helmets and gloves are provided. Water and soft drinks are too available on all tours.A fee of AED 50 will apply for snacks. Make sure you mention it when you book. You can rent a GoPro for AED 150. Be sure to mention this when making your reservation. The best way to remember your desert trip is with our Dune Buggies. We offer safe, thrilling, and easy-to-use Dune Buggies. Our expert professionals will guide you through the process so you are up and running in no time (no previous knowledge is required). A complete roll cage and soft bucket seats are included with every buggy. Comprises

    • You can select a 60-minute or 120-minute Dune Buggy Ride
    • You can choose 60-minutes and 120-Minutes Quad Bike Ride
    • Dune buggies that are safe, user-friendly, and advanced
    • The sandboarding session was thrilling
    • Helmets, goggles, and all protective gear are included
    • Refreshments are unlimited
    • Sunrise / Sunset Buggy or Quad Bike Option: Soft Drinks & Snacks
    • We arrange pickup and delivery (only if the transport option is chosen)

Why Should I go for This?

  • Experience the desert thrill of a Dune Buggy ride in Dubai.
  • With your dune buggy, you can explore an untouched desert landscape and its stunning fauna and flora.
  • Desert trails and dune buggy features make this activity appropriate for all, even for absolute beginners.
  • The crew will give you a comprehensive safety briefing and guide you throughout the process.


  1. Dune Buggy Dubai self-drivers must be at least 16 years old.
  2. A driver’s license is not required.
  3. Riders must be at least five years old.
  4. 15-year-olds must ride a quad.
  5. The terrain prevents pregnant women from joining tours.

Other Information:

  • A dune buggy is stronger than quad bikes on the sand and safer because of the roll cage, bucket seats, and safety harness.
  • An open-air safari in a buggy with a team of professional drivers awaits you.
  • We’ll lead you on a ten-kilometer course filled with thrills and fun while our backup team provides soft drinks, water, and essentials.

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