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Best Desert Adventure Tours in Dubai with Dune Buggy

Experience the thrill of Best Desert Adventure Tours in Dubai through the desert like a pro and zoom around at your leisure. Slide down enormous dunes as you climb them with your powerful machine. A group tour involves a convoy of participants travelling together while a guide shows the best routes for you to follow. Sandboarding may also be included in the excursion package.

Dubai’s Best Desert Adventure Tours with Dune Buggy

·       A barbecue will follow the tour of the dune buggy with live entertainment and a barbeque

A buggy tour of Dubai is one of the most atmospheric tours you will ever experience in Dubai with the best dune buggies. After the ride, if you dare, try sand surfing! The experience concludes with a buffet dinner at the traditional desert camp with live entertainment.

·       Taking a Moonlight Desert Adventure Tours buggy tour is a great experience

The desert safari Dubai Buggy Excursion is one of Dubai’s most epic buggy excursions. Ride over the moonlit dunes of Dubai on this thrilling night adventure! As you bounce along the rugged desert, you will stop for snacks in front of the campfire under the starry sky as you watch the stars.

·       Safari by buggy with a private dinner included

We will treat you to a special dinner at the local hotel in the middle of the desert after your rip-roaring Dubai buggy tour in the middle of the desert. Relax on your blanket during the sunset and watch the sun set behind the dunes. There will be plenty of Arabic barbecue delicacies and perhaps a little shisha to wash it all down.

·       An excursion by buggy with a camel ride is available

Take a camel trek after your buggy experience to see the best of the desert. Travelling silently across the desert in your ship will make you feel like an explorer. After feeding the camels, reward them with some treats for their hard work. It is common to include sandboarding and a dessert dinner in the package.

·       A buggy tour combined with a dune-bashing adventure

On an epic journey of dune bashing, you will be treated to a memorable desert roller-coaster ride as you will be driven over the golden peaks on a unique desert adventure. You can then hop in a buggy and go for a drive yourself if you want to do so. Combo tours are perfect for thrill-seekers looking for a variety of activities.

·       An exclusive Dubai buggy tour for your group

An unforgettable way to explore the desert in Dubai is to take a buggy tour of the desert: this is a luxurious and fun way to discover the desert. After your adventure, you will enjoy dinner and a show at the end of the day, as well as your private guide and buggies, in addition to your private guide and buggies.

How much do buggy tours in Dubai cost?

Dubai buggy tours are generally priced based on their capacity to accommodate two people. A few excursions require you to make your way to the departure point. There is a range of prices for desert buggy rides in Dubai, starting at $136 for 2 hours, rising to $204 for 4 hours, and reaching $272 for 6 hours. Many excursions include soft drinks, safety equipment, and sandboarding.

According to the tour length, the Dubai buggy safari costs $201 to $272. You can expect to pay $574 for 7 hours of buggy ride and private dinner. Two moonlight buggy excursions are available, which cost $356 for a two-hour ride. A variety of campfire snacks are provided as part of the package.

This 4-hour dune bashing safari with a buggy costs $165 for the four hours it lasts. Tours with buggy excursions and camel rides for $190 are possible. Dubai buggy tours are available privately for $285, including luxury transfers and an individual guide for five hours. Many of the packages include sandboarding and dinner as part of the package.

What are some of the places you will see on a Dubai buggy tour?

Dubai buggy tours are an excellent way to explore the desert outside Dubai. In the following list, you will find a brief overview of what you can expect during your time.

1.    Lahab Desert

As well as being one of the most spectacular landscapes around Dubai, the Lahab Desert is quite popular among tourists. Camels, sandboarding, dune bashing, Dubai dune buggy tours, and dune bashing. Reddish dunes tower high above the ground, offering incredible views from the top. Seas of sand stretch far into the desert region, creating an impression of wilderness and adventure.

2.    Fossil Rock

Spin around the Mleiha Desert, and you’ll be sure to encounter Fossil Rock as you make your way around the desert safari Dubai dune buggy. Undoubtedly, this iconic landform can be spotted from 25 kilometres away. The fossils discovered here 60 million years ago reveal an intriguing story about early marine life in this area.

3.    Mleiha Desert

In the vicinity of Lahab lies the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mleiha, which has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its internationally renowned archaeological sites. A brief look around the area will reveal pre-Islamic fortresses and Bronze Age tombs built during the Bronze Age. The sand stretches stretch in the shadow of the Jebel Faya mountains beneath Camel Rock, a humorously shaped feature. A local hangout, Mleiha is little known to foreign tourists, giving it an exciting “unexplored” feel.

How long does a buggy tour in Dubai last?

The duration of Dubai buggy excursions varies depending on what additional activities you choose. Dubai buggy desert tour usually lasts two to three hours, whereas camel rides, camp dinners, and live shows last five to eight hours. For night buggy tours in Dubai, you must allow between 2-4 hours of your time.

What is the starting point of buggy tours in Dubai?

You can travel comfortably with buggy tours in Dubai. Meeting points are usually the operator’s offices at the edge of the desert. Taxis are readily available at your hotel, making it easy to get here. Consult your provider before purchasing.

What is the best time to take a buggy tour in Dubai?

Most people travel to Dubai from November to March because of the beautiful temperatures and sunny skies. In Dubai, buggy rides are available throughout the year at various times. In summer, the desert is unbearably hot. If you plan to go during this peak season, make your reservations in advance.

Buggy tours are offered throughout the day, but the best time to explore the forest is in the mornings and evenings when it is the coolest. It is important to note that during Ramadan, live entertainment and alcohol won’t be available during evening excursions.

The best travel tips you need to know.

  • The best way to compare costs when booking your Dubai buggy tour is to book online to compare prices in advance. As places fill up quickly, do this in advance.
  • A buggy driver must be between 10 and 16, and an adult must accompany all passengers under 18. Drivers should carry passports as proof of identification.
  • You should dress in lightweight, comfortable clothing suitable for a hot day in the desert.
  • It is recommended to wear sunglasses and hats to protect yourself from the sun.
  • While riding your buggy, keep your camera in a protective case or bag to keep it out of the sand.

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