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What Makes Desert Dune Buggies an Exciting Experience?

Desert Dune Buggy Tours – A Unique Experience for the Whole Family

desert dune buggies


Dunes are formed by wind erosion, which occurs when strong winds blow across the surface of loose soil. As the wind moves across the ground, it picks up particles of sand and carries them away. Over time, these particles accumulate into large piles of sand called dunes.

Have you already been on a Dubai desert safari and want to continue your adventure? Perhaps you’re visiting the desert for the first time and enjoying the most thrilling experience possible. You may be confident that the Arabian Adventures crew in Dubai is here to assist you!

In Dubai’s surrounding, breathtaking Big Red Dunes Tours, Prime Location for Dune Buggy, and Quad Biking Ride, we offer some of the best desert safari experiences. We’re here to provide additional information about Desert Buggys’ Desert Dune Buggies, a must-do activity in the United Arab Emirates, in our blog.


Adventurers, gather! With sun, sand, and adventure in abundance, our desert dune buggies can take you on an exhilarating journey across the stunning Dubai desert.

Why should you book with Desert Buggys?

Our Desert Dune Buggies Safari stands out because of our customized service and top-notch gear. Take a four-seater off-road dune buggy trip across the dunes in the most picturesque and suitable section of the Dubai desert with Desert Buggys.

How does it function?

desert dune buggy

Your journey will begin long before you set foot in the desert because our knowledgeable guide will pick you up from your residence or hotel in a 4×4 designed for desert excursions. As you leave the city skyline behind and begin your escorted drive into the Arabian Desert, sit back and relax as your guide points out significant landmarks along the way and answers any questions about the adventure ahead.

You will reach Al Madam, a distinctive desert region on the edge of the DDCR and the site of Dubai’s camel racing scene, after traveling for around 45 minutes from the city center of Dubai.

You will then be brought to the briefing area, where you can unwind with a welcome beverage while your guide gives you a briefing on your upcoming experience. This information includes a driving lesson, instructions on operating the Can-Am desert dune buggy, and safety features. All dune buggies have four wheels, are fully automatic, have roll cages and off-road suspension, and have seat belts. You will receive information on the thrilling path ahead and safety equipment, including disposable balaclavas, helmets, and goggles.

As you drive your turbocharged automatic 4×4 Can-Am desert dune buggy out into the vast desert and start your experience through the big dunes, let the adventures begin.

As you follow the lead guide, you will start with a leisurely drive before kicking up a gear for an exhilarating adventure with your dune buggy’s massive wheels kicking up the sand all around you! As you accelerate to speeds of up to 80 km/h, you will feel your heartbeat quicken and hear the engine roar.

Focusing on thrilling excitement, your guide will take you through a course of the tallest dunes, carefully chosen to make the most of the 4×4 Can-Am buggies’ capabilities and keep even the most adventurous people on their toes.

A pause for drinks and a photo opportunity is offered midway through the dune ride so you can take in the tranquil Dubai desert and remember the thrill for years to come.

After about two hours of exhilarating desert driving, you’ll head back to the camp for one more photo op with your dune buggy before a leisurely ride with a driver to the destination of your choice.

Which Safari in a Desert Dune Buggy is best for you?

dune buggies

There are three different driving alternatives available to satisfy everyone’s craving for adventure.

The Passenger Experience allows you to delegate driving to another person. On this excursion, you can relax and watch the sand and dunes speed by while keeping an eye out for local species like camels, oryxes, and gazelles from the passenger seat and letting one of our specialists take the wheel.

Another option is the Driver Experience, where you can split the driving duties with another passenger and switch off after 30 minutes.

For thrill-seekers, the Private Buggy Experience gives you the exclusive use of a 4×4 Can-Am buggy for you and up to three companions.


All our two-hour dune buggy driving sessions are available to guests six years and older. Children aged 6 to 13 can ride in dune buggies as passengers in the Private Buggy Experience when accompanied by an adult, and children aged 14 and up can ride in the Passenger Experience.

Are you eager to participate in the Desert Buggys Dune Buggy Desert Safari? Visit to make a reservation for your upcoming adventure, or dial +971 56 4979825. For your peace of mind, all of our desert excursions follow the Safe Travels safety and hygiene regulations.

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