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Covid 19 Update in Dubai

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Covid 19 Update in Dubai 2023

At Desert Buggy’s, we’re committed to maintaining the highest level of safety and hygiene as we welcome back our fellow travelers to Abu Dhabi. That’s why we set up the Safe Travels initiative, preparing all parts of our operations to adhere uncompromisingly to the DTCM and Department of Culture and Tourism – Dubai safety protocols, as well as implementing a range of internal measures to ensure safety for both our guests and staff while you enjoy your adventure together.

This is what we’ve done:


  • Our staff members receive frequent health check-ups
  • Staff accommodations and uniforms are sterilized and disinfected at regular intervals
  • Members of our staff use masks and gloves full-time
  • All staff members have been through a training program to comply with the new safety standards


  • We offer money-back, no-questions-asked cancellation until departure if you feel unwell.
  • We are limiting the number of participants to avoid crowding
  • We perform a quick temperature check before departure
  • Use of the mask is mandatory throughout the trip (we ask that our guests bring their covers)
  • We maintain a safe distance of at least 2 meters
  • Printed vouchers are not necessary

Fleet, camps, and food

  • All vehicles are thoroughly disinfected before and after every single tour
  • We have increased the number of vehicles to avoid crowding
  • Protective equipment kits are available in every vehicle
  • We have dedicated staff sterilizing our toilets before every use
  • The total number of guests at the campsite has been reduced, and tables have been spaced out to maintain a safe distance
  • The entire camp is washed and disinfected before every tour
  • The dining experience is kept secure and enjoyable by adhering to the strict MOH safety protocol
  • You will easily access protective equipment during camel rides and falcon photos.


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